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There wasn’t an exact moment when Amaris decided to become a singer-songwriter. Writing songs was a gift, not a goal, when she began composing at age six. Fascinated by her original music, Amaris’ father quickly began recording her songs. These early recordings were characterized by Amaris’ raspy voice and her imitations of a distorted electric guitar.  


At 12, she taught herself guitar and pivoted to a more introspective songwriting approach. The result was over 200 songs exploring themes of isolation, battles with depression, and the long-term effects of the trauma she endured during her elementary school years. Having been homeschooled for seventh grade because of peer abuse, the bulk of those songs were written in her bedroom during what should have been her school day. 


Now 25, Amaris continues to write songs on topics and emotions that are difficult to express. She has written nearly a thousand songs in her short life and has grown into her distinct sound. What was once the raspy voice of a child has developed into a rich, evocative tone. 


Her love of writing is not confined to music. Amaris is also an experimental poet whose work possesses strong performative qualities. Her debut chapbook, Spread, is available through Bottlecap Press


She majored in performing and media arts at the prestigious Cornell University, where she studied playwriting, screenwriting, and solo performance. With roots in gospel music and influences such as The Smashing Pumpkins, The Killers, Nina Simone, Joy Division/New Order, Hole, Jon Foreman and The Drums, Amaris is creating her own flavor of goth music. 

AMARIS portrait in blue
Photos by Libby Danforth



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